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Come and join us at our facility on almost any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from March through October for our 6 hour BBQ and Grilling Class. Be sure to look for our specials on our web site. Home of the NW BBQ and Grilling School - singles welcome!

4 Hour Private Classes are available!

Very little traveling is necessary when you choose the

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Since 1998 The NW BBQ and Grilling School has been teaching people how to improve on their outdoor cooking experience. Call and join the fun…in the comfort of your own home!

Want to learn how to deep fry a chicken or turkey? No problem this can be included as part of your BBQ and Grilling experience… And yes – if we teach you how to deep fry a turkey we will teach you how to avoid burning down your house! You will how to do it right!

If there is anything special that you want to learn how to grill or BBQ just let us know and we will include it in your personalized class.

Our staff has been teaching BBQ and Grilling since 1998 and we have lots of experience helping individuals master the art of cooking on a grill or using a smoker.

Don’t know what to get your husband or wife for Father’s or Mother’s Day? This is your answer – put a group of 2 to 12 together and lets start cooking.

We guarantee that your spouse will love you for thinking of this great gift!

Gift Certificates are Available!

Our facility will hold from 10 to 30 students – but we do have a 10 student minimum policy.


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Check Out Our Specials!

Check Out Our Specials!

4 Hour Private Classes!

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