NW BBQ and Grilling School


BBQ and Grilling School Testimonials

What a great and wonderful experience.

I have had a gas grill for many years. I think my first one rusted out for lack of use and my newest one prior to this class was for weekend hamburgers and a couple of steaks. But now I am having fun cooking for my buddies on game day and showing them what I have learned. Stu and gang got me motivated and now I enjoy going on line and capturing the recipes of others and making them mine. I still don’t like to cook in the kitchen but I am enjoying my grill now that I know that it can do more than I had ever imagined. Just being able to treat my buddies to homemade grilled pizza on game was worth the price of admission. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to impress their buddies with some great food off the grill.
~ Jim B.

Four hours of fun followed by 1 hour of eating.

I followed the lead of some of my friends and sponsored a cooking class for some of my real estate clients. I invited the last three couples who bought houses from me over for a class from the NW BBQ and Grilling School. It was a huge hit and not only did I generate some new leads for some real estate sales but the group had a great time. Everyone could not get over how much food we cooked in such a short period of time and how much we had all learned. I plan to repeat this experience every 6 months with my new clients. Now only is it a great way to show my appreciation to my clients but it is a great way to generate new leads. I will recap my costs many times> over while having a great time learning new cooking skills.
~ Sharon A.

My company uses the NW BBQ and Grilling School to help teach team work.

Every year I award my top sales people and field workers with a class from the NW BBQ and Grilling School. The top two sales people and my top four field workers (the ones that my clients tell me do great work) are all brought over to my house for a day of grilling and smoking. My staff all have a great time and work hard together to provide the best they can in the way of great food. This class helps the team learn to work together as well as it rewards them for providing great service to our clients. For months after the class the ones that got to go tell those who did not about the great cooking experience and brag about what they can now do on a BBQ or grill. I smile a little each time I hear someone bragging about what they just cooked last weekend. Those of my staff who did not get to go the year before seem to want to work a little harder to the opportunity to go next time. The school does a great job teaching wonderful cooking techniques while helping my team to learn great team work. I look forward to many more years of cooking with the NW BBQ and Grilling School.
~ Tom – Plumbing Business Owner

What a wonderful experience:

The kids and I booked a 4 hour class with the NW BBQ and Grilling School for my husband’s father’s day gift. There were a total of 8 of us on hand and from the minute we got started Stu had us preparing, cooking and cleaning. I am not sure exactly how many different dishes we ended making that day but we had enough food left over to last us a week. It was a great experience as we learned so much about how to barbecue and grill that day. My husband, who thought that he was the king of the grill before the class, is sure that he is now that he has taken the class. We have cooked many of the dishes that they taught us that day for guests and each time we get great reviews. My kids absolutely loved the experience and said that it was the best father’s day that they had ever had. My oldest daughter booked a class for one of her friend’s birthdays and said that they had a ball as it was a woman’s only class. All that I can say now is that if you think you want to learn more about how to BBQ and Grill give them a chance I know you won’t be disappointed.
~ Mary C.

From Hamburgers and Steaks to stuffed pork roasts and grilled vegetables.

I have always been the king of my grill. From hamburgers, steaks to fish and chicken I always knew how to grill or so I thought. When my friend talked me into spending $200 on a grilling class I thought he was nuts but I told him that if he and his wife were in my wife and I would join. In the first ten minutes of class Stu had us making pizza right on the grill. Who would have thought that pizza off the grill could taste so good and it just got better from there. I realized in the first half hour that I was a person who grilled only flat foods like fish, chicken and steaks. By the end of the class I left with the confidence it takes to grill a stuffed pork loin, take a chicken breast and turn it into a gourmet feast and more importantly I learned that I can be creative when it comes to my grill (which I used to call a barbeque..). What a change this class made in my grilling habits. It was worth all that we spent plus more. My wife and now look forward to entertaining and coming up with new recipes for our grill. This class changed the way we use our grill and we now hardly ever use our oven
~ Kevin S